CEIPES, partner of our project Communities 3.0 – Development of local forward-looking centers as platforms for inclusive neighborhoods (2021-1-SE01-KA220-ADU-000035091) published the Italian National Report as part of the first Intellectual Output of the project. It aims to carry out a field study on existing social inclusion initiatives by civil society organisations and adult education providers in SEDN (socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods).  

Concerning the structure of the document, CEIPES conducted a Literature Review and a qualitative analysis organizing two focus groups involving 10 people at the local level. The participants were:

  • Educators, career counselors, trainers, coaches at adult education organizations and NGOs,Managers at adult education organizations and NGOs
  • Beneficiaries of the organized activities in SEDN such as migrants, NEETS (young persons not engaged in education, employment, or training), Roma, school leavers, etc.)
  • Other relevant regional and national stakeholders (politicians, social enterprises, academia, etc.)

During the focus groups were discussed the different opportunities to socialise and to active citizenship in SEDN, which are the possibilities to work in SEDN and which are the challenges faced by neighbourhood-based networks in SEDN. Additionally, the participants made some examples of community-based initiatives and opportunities they offer in SEDN to exchange good practices. Lastly, the representative of neighbourhood-based networks in SEDN made their recommendations to be included in the Report.

Then, CEIPES coded the data of the focus groups, and the analysis was included in the National Report.

For further information check the Italian National Report.

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